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here are some answers to frequently asked questions.


what do you input into the communcation configuration when the network provides you the information in graphic or ebcdic format.
answer:  depending on the protocol for 3270/75 a conversion chart needs to be used, for 3624/sna and borroughs (sync/async) the network will provide the id.

you have input all the communication configurations, but the machine will not go in service when you go out of supervisor mode.
answer:  check with network that the communication address is correct and also that the baud rate (especially in the 3624/sna and boroughs protocols) is set correctly on both ends.

arrows point the wrong way / envelopes don’t dispense

when trying to do transactions, the keys where the arrows point don’t work.
answer:  the message mode has to be configured for the correct keys to work. enter 23102105001200017 for diebold/e or 1000006052 for native

the machine will not dispense a envelope from the automatic dispenser
answer:  again, the message mode has to configured for this to work.


the atm (5088) will not dispense cash after new software has been loaded
answer:  the software has to be authorized before it will dispense cash to customers. do this with a cash dispense test making sure the cash on feature is activated under diagnostics


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