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Company Overview
We are a tunkey provider in the installation and training process for NCR Automated Teller Machines in the financial and private industry.

CEO Message
We excel in provideing the most effecient and least costly solution to any situation that arises.

Mission Statement
For excellence we strive.

Company Background
In 1995 we saw a need for single multi-tasking individuals who could install equipment and train the institutionís employees in a specific window of time. The industry was full of specialized engineers who did the installation process by way of a collective group - each doing there own part over several days. This became cumbersome as the institutions had there individuals working on a number of different projects and were not always available when these engineers were available - thus Sunjay Inc. was born - providing a need for knowledgable, effecient and trained engineers who get the job done right the first time every time... 

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